1. Air freight line
Fast aging, high safety, but the cost is more expensive;

Generally 5-7 days can be completed delivery, the cost is by the actual weight and volume weight of the higher side charge. There are sensitive goods special line, can transport batteries, cosmetics, food and other sensitive goods, customs clearance capacity is relatively strong, but the aging is relatively slow general goods, the cost is also higher.

What aspects should be considered in cross-border logistics? What are the selection factors of cross-border e-commerce logistics?

2. Special line sea transportation
Special line is also the channel chosen by more cross-border sellers because of its low cost and large carrying capacity.

There are two ways of FCL and LCL. Shanghai and Haika can be selected for the final process. Shanghai is faster and the overall aging is longer, which takes 25-35 days, so it can save costs better.

3. Railway Special line
The Railway freight train between China and Europe is also the main way. After that, it is transported to the destination by truck. The cost is lower than air freight, the aging is faster than sea freight, the carrying capacity is larger, and the cost performance is relatively high.

Secondly, the freight forwarder's services are more comprehensive, such as double clear package tax, export tax rebate, etc., which can better meet everyone's demand for cargo transportation. Then, the prescription is also more secure, such as air transport, generally 5-10 days to complete.

Finally, the choice is more flexible, general international express is transported by air, freight forwarder can also by sea, railway and other ways.

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