Cross-border logistics companies: What's the future of cargo transport under the epidemic?

In recent years, the rise of overseas shopping in China has attracted more and more attention to this industry.

There are also more and more young people to join in, to flock to.

But instead of import, let's talk about cross-border logistics for export. The demand for cross-border logistics has been hot since the outbreak.

Among them, amazon's sellers have become the mainstay of cross-border logistics business. Many cross-border logistics companies have FBA in their business, such as FBA in the United States, FBA in Europe, FBA in Japan, etc.

Cross-border logistics companies: What's the future of cargo transport under the epidemic?

FBA is referring to the sellers themselves on amazon sales product inventory directly to the local market amazon warehouse, after the customer placing amazon again provide a subsequent delivery service, and cross-border logistics is in charge of domestic warehouse the goods sent to the amazon platform, and the earlier coming from the amazon a large number of titles of news,

It was expected to have an impact on cross-border logistics, but it didn't. The arrival of new stores quickly filled the gap in cross-border logistics companies' business. Domestic goods sent to the world are mainly composed of sea transportation and land transportation. Due to the high cost of air transportation, it is generally not the first choice to send goods to the United States, while FBA in Japan is basically completed by sea transportation.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the freight costs of the cross-border logistics industry have been rising. For example, a container of the American Shipping Company has increased by 8 to 10 times from 3,000 DOLLARS before.

Of course, there are many reasons. On the one hand, the lockers sent abroad cannot be returned due to the epidemic. On the other hand, the cost of changing hands at all levels increases. The rising freight costs of cross-border e-commerce sellers also increase, and it depends on how merchants strike a balance between cost and efficiency. Although the freight has gone up, the logistics efficiency has not.

Because the epidemic factors of superposition, a large number of goods shipped overseas ports before the backlog, originally only need two or three days will be able to withdraw the goods, now need to more than 10 days, in the process of the goods shipped to the United States is divided into defection and twenty percent of two parts, the first process is the domestic overseas to dock this paragraph, cheng is the transportation in the United States.

Another phenomenon is that the transportation cost of goods in the United States sometimes exceeds the cost of goods from China to foreign ports, mainly because the logistics industry in foreign countries is less developed than that in China. In addition, not all cross-border logistics companies can set up warehouses overseas.

In comparison, there are more goods sent to Europe. As mentioned above, sea and land transport constitute the transportation mode of cross-border logistics companies. For land transport to Europe, there are special trains and card shops. Trucking is also known as trucking, because logistics companies say trucking has the same timeliness and stability as air transport, but compared with sea and land transport, trucks need to pass through every country. Once a problem occurs on a route halfway, the whole route will be affected.

Cross-border logistics and domestic logistics, to take positions in the foreign company is not much, it is also directly contributing to the rising costs, but it was interesting to Indonesia under the influence of epidemic opened a business boom, many companies in the industry chain, including cross-border logistics companies are looking at Indonesia, southeast Asia's huge population base to contain the huge consumption potential.

Compared with the saturated domestic and foreign markets in the early stage of development, there are more opportunities here. Different from domestic logistics companies, cross-border logistics companies are the competition of some small and medium-sized enterprises. Overseas self-built warehouses seem to be a magic weapon for cross-border logistics companies to win.

As far as cross-border logistics companies are concerned, although the freight is now up and the demand for orders is also high, how much money can they really make?

The huge backlog of orders makes it impossible for ships to reach the shore, and logistics companies have to bear the high costs.

Therefore, logistics companies are under great pressure and have high requirements for the overall operation ability. They should be able to resist risks and prevent abnormal problems in time.

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