What are the main logistics modes of export cross-border e-commerce

1. Postal parcel mode

At present, more than 70% of the packages exported by China's cross-border e-commerce enterprises are delivered through the postal system, and China Post accounts for half of the business volume.

Postal logistics includes China Post Parcel, China Post parcel, HongKong Post parcel, EMS, international Eyoubao, Singapore parcel, Swiss Post parcel, etc. Among them, postal packet, international E-mail and EMS are the most commonly used.

What are the main logistics modes of export cross-border e-commerce

2. Commercial express mode

(1) International express

International express mode is the legendary international commercial express four king kong -- DHL, TNT, UPS and FeDex. With their self-established global networks, strong IT system support and localized services around the world, these four international express companies can provide the best logistics experience for cross-border online shopping users.

International business express the main features are: to ensure timeliness, packet loss rate is low, but imitation brand, including batteries, special products basically can't delivery, in addition, there is also a the biggest drawback is that these international Courier costs are relatively high, engaged in the export of cross-border electricity for domestic companies, unless the customer has a strong time requirements, generally do not adopt international express.

(2) Domestic express

Domestic express includes EMS, SF Express and "Sitong and Yida". However, in terms of cross-border logistics, "Sitong and Yida" started late. Currently, SF Express and EMS have relatively perfect international business.

Sf Express has already opened express service with the United States, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and other Asian countries. Within Asia, it usually takes two to three days to complete the delivery.

EMS is the most developed international express service provider in China at present. Relying on the postal system, EMS can realize express delivery in more than 60 countries around the world. The delivery time is 2 to 3 days in Asia and 5 to 7 days in Europe and America, and the cost is much lower than that of the four major international express companies.

3. Supply chain service mode

What are the main logistics modes of export cross-border e-commerce

Domestic scholar Shen Chenglin believes that logistics service supply chain is a new type of supply chain with integrated logistics service suppliers as the core enterprises, and its role is to provide all-round logistics services for logistics demanders. The most obvious feature of integrated logistics service providers is to select appropriate functional logistics enterprises to serve logistics demanders through business subcontracting.

This type is represented by UPS SCS (UPS Supply Chain Solution), a UPS Supply Chain business company. It is composed of UPS, UPS Capital Corporation (UPSC), UPS Logistics Group, UPS Freight Services, UPS Mail Business Innovation and UPS Consulting. It is the inevitable outcome of UPS's nearly 100 years of business and the common development of the global economy. Its core business from a mere parcel transportation extended to the global supply chain management services, high-tech, automotive, industrial production, health care, retail and consumer products, and other fields to provide logistics, express delivery, finance, supply chain consulting as the core of the fourth party logistics management in all directions, and become one of the best practices of the global supply chain management. The emergence of UPS SCS indicates the transformation of UPS from a simple cargo transportation company to a giant supply chain enterprise integrating logistics, capital flow and information flow. Currently, it mainly serves FBA in the United States and Canada.

4. Dedicated line logistics mode

Special line logistics is a mode combining domestic air transportation and local delivery of cooperative companies. One of the advantages of this mode is that it can be delivered in large quantities and reduce the transportation cost through scale. Therefore, the cost is lower than commercial express and the time is obviously faster than postal parcels. The special line logistics on the market now includes Europe and America, Australia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other regions.

Common special line logistics methods include "Russia Youbao" and "Australia Youbao", Russia Express, Yan-wen special line, Aramex special line and so on.

5. Overseas storage mode

Overseas storage model is one of the current is hotly debated, its advantage is cheaper, faster delivery, but for enterprises, organizing overseas warehouse need to consider many factors, especially for the supply and demand forecast, can clear judgment according to the market demand for goods storage will determine the number of the warehouse the goods in and out smoothly or not, not forming pressure goods, This requires cross-border e-commerce enterprises to have high ability in supply chain management, inventory control and moving pin management.

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