Characteristics of cross-border logistics

Positive impact

Recently, the epidemic has gradually improved. Many people have seen the business opportunities of cross-border e-commerce during the epidemic, and many traditional foreign trade workers are also waiting to see what impact cross-border e-commerce has on the traditional foreign trade industry!

1. Positive impact

√ Simplify the process

To complete the traditional trade process, we must go through a series of tedious intermediate processes from quotation to transportation and ordering.

Because the process is too complicated, the circulation cost of products is increased to a certain extent, and the terminal sales price of products will be greatly increased.

Characteristics of cross-border logistics

Cross-border e-commerce, on the other hand, enables manufacturers to directly communicate with foreign consumers, greatly reducing the intermediate links, directly connecting products with demand, locking customers more efficiently and increasing product buyback rate.

The elimination of information asymmetry in all aspects, and then accelerated the process of global economic integration.

Square root diversification

As a new way of international trade, cross-border e-commerce sells products directly to foreign countries and reduces operating costs.

At the same time, it also provides a suitable environment and platform for some small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals to sell products, so that they can get rid of some restrictions to participate in international trade, and make foreign trade subjects become more diversified.

Tick to perfect

The rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in recent years has brought about significant changes in the international transaction model.

First of all, the way of trading is developing towards diversification. Second, the competitive environment is becoming more intense.

To survive, enterprises need to constantly update products, innovate models, and achieve their own development.

This, to some extent, activates the internal kinetic energy of enterprises, stimulates enterprises to achieve self-improvement, and makes the transaction mode of the whole market more perfect.

Characteristics of cross-border logistics

Square root of innovation

In traditional foreign trade, some small scale, insufficient human resources and other business owners in a vulnerable position.

Due to various limitations, it is difficult to develop and expand. The emergence of cross-border e-commerce makes up for this to some extent, creating opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals to join the ranks of international trade.

The new trade mode of cross-border e-commerce has completely overturned the traditional trade mode and become a new highlight of foreign trade.

Square root transformation

Cross-border e-commerce has realized the direct docking of customs, payment methods and logistics, showing the characteristics of timeliness, fragmentation and networking.

The author urges the country to further adjust and optimize the supervision mode of international trade under the mode of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, e-commerce is included in the scope of customs supervision, and the tax declaration mode of e-commerce is also recognized.

Cross-border logistics

After reading the positive impact, there will be friends eager to try cross-border e-commerce!

At present, with the development of cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce has begun to integrate resources, and cross-border e-commerce logistics has emerged. It can be said that the development of cross-border e-commerce firstly promotes the emergence and development of cross-border e-commerce logistics, and the two depend on each other.

To put it simply, cross-border logistics refers to the cross-border sales of goods by e-commerce based on the Internet and relying on various modes of transportation.

So what are the characteristics of cross-border logistics? According to the current situation of cross-border logistics, I summarize the following points.

√ Complex operation

The first is language. Goods have to pass safely from one country to another through multiple countries, and in order to pass through customs, the goods themselves have to be labelled in multiple languages.

Secondly, cross-border logistics takes a long time and has tax problems.

Characteristics of cross-border logistics

√ High competitive pressure

Although cross-border logistics has a large market, it is affected by the overall environment, its own strength, technical experience and other factors, and its competition mainly reflects the competition among enterprises in a single market.

√ Single function

Cross-border logistics has the characteristics of single function and narrow service orientation.

Many cross-border e-commerce companies or enterprises can obtain a single mode of transportation, service function selection is small, can not meet customer needs, lack of competition.


Accordingly, after analyzing its characteristics, we can better understand the current environment of cross-border logistics and analyze its freight fluctuation factors. It is mainly affected by the environment.

√ Influence of national policies. Cross-border logistics involves many countries with different national policies. Cooperation or conflicts between countries will affect cross-border logistics freight charges.

√ The most important factor affecting price is the relationship between supply and demand. Faced with the increasing logistics demand of cross-border e-commerce, the current development of cross-border logistics cannot match it. Technical constraints have pushed up the shipping threshold.

√ A certain period of time, such as the peak of movement of goods, during which the demand for cross-border logistics increases and the corresponding logistics fees rise.

So far, cross-border logistics needs to be ready at any time, and its freight is affected by multiple factors. How can I reduce the freight? Tell me what you think.

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