In recent years, domestic cross-border e-commerce has risen rapidly. China's imports and exports totaled 30.5 trillion yuan in 2018, up 9.7 percent year on year, according to China Customs statistics. Both import volume and export volume have greatly improved, which also makes more and more people join the ranks of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, more and more logistics enterprises have developed rapidly because of the rise of e-commerce industry. Today we are going to talk about the top ten international logistics platforms. We hope to provide you with more valuable information on your way across the border.

1. The UPS shipment

UPS, also known as United Parcel Service in Chinese, is the world's largest express delivery company. UPS mainly serves the United States and Europe, of which the United States accounts for about 90%. However, with the rise of China's cross-border e-commerce, the Asian market has also seen great improvement in recent years.

Top 10 international logistics companies


FedEx FedEx express in Chinese, the United States, it is also one of the largest express company in the United States, have multiple branches in the whole world, similar to the USP, its main service area is also the United States, the United States account for about 80% of the overall business, its biggest characteristic is the way of delivery by air way, up to now has 671 aircraft, Logistics delivery is efficient and convenient.


DHL Chinese name DHL, is a transportation company founded in the United States, currently wholly owned by Deutsche Post group, is one of the largest transportation companies in the world. DHL is called DHL in mainland China due to its partnership with Sinotrans (Sinotrans), and uses DHL daily. In Hong Kong, the company is registered as DHL International, but still uses DHL on a daily basis.

Maersk Logistics

Maersk Logistics is owned by A.P. Moller-Maersk Group, which was founded in Denmark in 1904. Currently, Maersk logistics has offices in more than 130 countries and is the world's largest container shipping company.

5.Nippon Express

Nippon Express, which is named Japan Express in Chinese, is one of the top 500 companies in the world. Its main transportation means include automobile transportation and air transportation. In addition, warehousing services are also a major business of the company, with automobile transportation and warehousing services accounting for about 70% of the company's business.

Top 10 international logistics companies

6.Ryder System

Ryder's Chinese name is Ryder Logistics. As the company's core business, logistics is mainly aimed at the US market, with about 80% of its business coming from the US.

7.TNT Post Group Netherlands Post

TNT Post Group (TNT), headquartered in the Netherlands, is an internationally renowned logistics company providing postal, express and service services in more than 200 countries worldwide. Logistics business mainly focuses on automobile transportation, but also provides express delivery services. At present, it has hundreds of warehouses around the world, and its business market is mainly in Europe.

8. Expeditors International Kang Jie

Expeditors International has grown to provide air, Marine, freight forwarding, insurance and distribution, and supply chain software services, but its core business remains transportation services.


Panalpina is a Swiss Panalpina group. Panalpina is one of the world's largest logistics groups, with more than 300 branches in many countries around the world. Its main businesses are air and sea freight, logistics and other integrated services. While the business is focused on Europe, Africa and the Americas, it has also grown in the Asia-Pacific region in recent years.

Exel Logistics

Exel logistics Group is a global supply chain management services company with a focus on logistics distribution and transport management.

In addition to the internationally well-known logistics companies, we also have a look at the domestic cross-border logistics companies, because not everyone can find these companies when they deliver goods, and it is relatively easy to find domestic cross-border logistics companies.

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