Shopee and Lazada logistics introduction

Cross-border e-commerce has the saying of "information flow", "logistics" and "capital flow". Logistics is undoubtedly one of the most important issues for cross-border sellers. The cost and timeliness of logistics may affect our sellers' consideration of a platform or logistics company.

At present, there are four modes of cross-border logistics:

1. Postal parcels

The postal parcel network coverage is high, logistics channels are wide, the price is relatively cheap, but the disadvantage lies in the delivery speed is slow and the loss rate is high.

Second, commercial express delivery

With UPS, FedEx, DHL and TNT as the top four international express delivery giants, its self-built global logistics network is extremely time-efficient, but the price is also a bit heartbreaking.

Regional express companies are the second tier, such as domestic SF Express, EMS and Sitong Yida. These express companies have a late international business layout and poor network coverage, but they have high delivery speed and strong customs clearance ability.

Iii. Dedicated line logistics

It refers to the logistics method of transporting goods by air bags and sending them to the destination country by cooperative companies. Its advantage lies in the centralized transportation of large quantities of goods. Scale effect can reduce costs and lower prices, but it is slower than commercial express in terms of timeliness.

Shopee and Lazada logistics introduction

Iv. Overseas storage

Sellers establish warehouses in overseas sales destinations to improve cross-border logistics timeliness through initial transportation, warehouse management, local distribution and other processes. However, problems such as supply chain management and inventory control also tend to increase operating costs.

Before choosing the right cross-border logistics, cross-border e-commerce enterprises will generally choose the right logistics mode according to the characteristics of the products sold (size, safety, shelf life, convenience of customs clearance, etc.). At the same time, the advantages and disadvantages of timeliness and cost will be weighed according to different peak seasons of sales, so as to flexibly adjust the logistics mode and choose among different cross-border logistics providers.



Lazada asks the seller to deliver goods time is relatively tight, requires delivery within a day. The pain point of cross-border exchange is that it is really inconvenient and expensive.

Shopee self-built logistics SLS:

For sellers in Mainland China, Shopee's Taiwan site mainly uses YTO, SF Express and Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service) for cross-border Logistics, and provides home distribution and shop distribution services. The final delivery to the Taiwan site is done by SF Express and the Taiwan site Black Cat Delivery service, and the store delivery is sent to the designated 7-11 convenience store or FamilyMart convenience store to wait for the buyer to pick up the goods. If the first delivery is not successful, black cat home delivery can be carried out within seven days of free delivery, shop distribution will not have a second delivery service.

The main channels used by Shopee for cross-border Logistics in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand are: Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service).

Shopee mainly uses its own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service) for cross-border Logistics services in Indonesia. Vendors who used to use THE SLS Standard Express channel are advised to switch to the SLS Standar Ekspres channel. Due to the local logistics conditions, the temporary opening of postal channels.

Shopee's cross-border Logistics services in the Philippines and Vietnam mainly use Shopee's own channel SLS (Shopee Logistics Service).

Here is an introduction to the buyers in Shopee orders, can choose two payment methods, one is non-COD (non-cod), one is COD (COD). Non-cod packages should be paid for online by the buyer when placing an order. Credit cards and bank transfers can be used. COD package is the logistics supplier to collect payment and freight from the recipient, buyers do not need any online payment after placing an order.

As the seller, the product needs to be packed in boxes and then shipped to the transfer warehouse by domestic express (no requirement for domestic express). Fill in the relevant information in the background of the store, and the transfer warehouse will clear the customs and deliver the goods to the buyer.

There are self-built logistics platform operation will save a lot of worry, transit warehouse and tail haul way to let the seller worry.

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