6 Reasons and solutions for international Express Customs clearance delays

Customs clearance is a necessary part of international express delivery, which we can understand as commodity inspection and declaration. Commodity inspection is to check whether the goods are compliant and legal, while declaration can be regarded as the data collected by the customs for the collection of customs duties.

International express customs clearance delay is generally speaking, the express in the destination country customs clearance failed to go through customs.

Both customs clearance and delivery can be delayed when the information provided by the sender is incomplete or defective, the item is clearly branded, the local international Courier is not able to pay for customs clearance, and when the actual value of the item you are sending is not in line with the declared value.

I. Differences in declared values

The local customs thinks that the declared value is too high or too low to be consistent with the actual value of the goods, which will lead to the delay of customs clearance. It is usually caused by the low value of the declaration by the shipper in order to save customs duties. At this time, only the declaration can be redeclared, which may result in a partial penalty.

If the actual value is the same as the declared value of the goods, but the local customs does not consider it to be in conformity, only a certificate of the value of the goods is required.

2. Customs spot check

Customs at the destination will carry out spot checks on the goods. If the seller's products are subject to routine spot check, it is not necessary to provide any help at this time. It can only wait for the customs inspection, if there is no problem, it can only wait 1-3 working days.

3. Commercial invoice

The product name on the commercial invoice is not detailed, or the product name is wrong, in this case, the sender needs to provide a new commercial invoice and declare again.

4. Tariff stability

International express companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, EMS, etc.) generally have two ways to deal with the seller's goods at their destination. If the tariff is less, you can help the recipient pay in advance. If there is a lot of duty, the recipient needs to pay the local customs.

If the recipient refuses to pay the duty or does not have time to do so, customs clearance may also be delayed and the recipient should be contacted to pay the duty.

Five, involving imitation card

The goods are famous brand, or the goods have a famous brand of Peugeot, this time need to provide the brand or these brand authorization letter, if there is no authorization letter, the customs is likely to directly detain the goods, or order the return to the recipient.

Six, involving contraband

Some of the goods are prohibited from import and export in the destination country. This situation is difficult to deal with. You can find a local professional customs clearance company to clear the customs.

The above are the 6 reasons for the delay of international express clearance and the related solutions shared with the sellers. I hope it will be helpful to the sellers. Lianliankan cross-border Payment provides users with professional and considerate services to carry out cross-border business at ease, and helps more users to bring excellent products and services to the global market in a more efficient way for better operation.

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