Guide for cross-border E-commerce export returns

All e-commerce sellers will encounter the situation of returning goods. Cross-border e-commerce export returned goods can be shipped back individually or in bulk, and the returned goods will be returned within one year from the export release date.

I. Cross-border e-commerce channels can handle three export return modes

1. Cross-border E-commerce retail exports (9,610 exports)

Cross-border e-commerce enterprises realize retail export commodities trading through cross-border e-commerce trading platforms, transmit relevant electronic data according to customs requirements, and deliver commodities to overseas consumers through cross-border e-commerce export declaration.

2. Overseas warehouse for cross-border e-commerce export (9810 export)

Domestic enterprises export goods to overseas warehouses through cross-border logistics, and after the transaction, they deliver them to buyers from overseas warehouses through cross-border e-commerce platforms and transmit relevant electronic data to customs.

3. Export from Special Regions of Cross-border E-commerce (1210)

Enter the special area, complete the goods management in the special area, export (1210) in batches to the overseas warehouse, complete the retail through the e-commerce platform, and then deliver the goods from the overseas warehouse to overseas consumers. Including cross-border e-commerce special area packaging retail export and cross-border e-commerce special area export overseas warehouse retail.

Parcel retail export in special areas of cross-border e-commerce refers to the mode in which commodities entering special areas through e-commerce platforms are packed in small packages within the region and delivered to overseas consumers after departure (1210). Cross-border e-commerce special area export Overseas warehouse retail refers to the export of goods declared by domestic enterprises.

2. Cross-border e-commerce export return enterprises shall meet the requirements

Cross-border e-commerce export enterprises and cross-border e-commerce related enterprises in special areas that apply for the return business shall establish a process monitoring system for returned commodities to ensure that returned commodities are original export commodities and bear relevant legal liabilities.

Three, return management requirements

Enterprises that return goods may apply for the return of all or part of the goods listed in the original "Customs Declaration for Export Goods of the People's Republic of China", "Customs Declaration for Cross-border E-commerce Retail Export of the People's Republic of China" and "Record List of Outbound Goods of the People's Republic of China".


1. Under the mode of cross-border e-commerce retail export and special regional parcel retail export, export commodities can be shipped back individually or in bulk.

2. The retail mode of cross-border e-commerce export to overseas warehouses and export to overseas warehouses in special areas is only applicable to the customs for return of goods due to quality or specification reasons.

3, 9610 export returned goods, there should be verifiable logo, so that the customs to return the goods is the original export commodities spot check.

4. Goods prohibited by the State from entering or leaving the country shall not be returned.

The above is the guide for cross-border e-commerce export returns shared with sellers. I hope it will be helpful to cross-border sellers.

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