With the rapid development of industry and economy in southeast Asia in recent years, domestic trade with southeast Asia continue to strengthen, the current domestic logistics transportation mentioned in southeast Asia line is mainly refers to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma, brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, east timor, the 11 countries.

What are the special line transportation modes in Southeast Asia

Due to its special geographical advantages, most of the trade between China and Southeast Asia is mainly by sea and air. Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries will partly carry out freight exchanges through land transport special lines.

1. Marine special line

Southeast Asia special Marine LINE is the most extensive channel of import and export in China, with mature routes, large cargo volume, high price and high safety. Southeast Asia special line shipping schedule is fixed, and the shipping rate is high. And most service providers offer dual clearing services.

2. Air special line

Southeast Asia shipping lines are transported by flight, usually by cargo plane or cargo plane to the corresponding destination, which is basically point-to-point flight transportation. Many service providers will set up tail deliveries at destinations or direct deliveries to local warehouses. Efficient, fast and safe.

3. Land transportation

Land transport is generally carried out by freight cars as carriers, most of which refer to road transport. Highway carries main advantage is flexibility strong, investment is lower, easy to adjust measures to local conditions, to receive station facility requirement is not tall. "Door to door" transport can be adopted.

Two, Southeast Asia special line transport time how long

Domestic shipping to Southeast Asia, mainly depends on the country and distance, generally close to 2-3 days, 8-10 days to the far area to deliver.

Domestic air freight line to Southeast Asia, timeliness will be faster, generally 2-5 days to be able to, specific to see the actual situation.

Road transport time is longer, generally 5-10 days, depending on the location of the goods. Most of China goes through Yunnan first to some countries in Southeast Asia.

Three, the characteristics of Southeast Asia special line

Southeast Asia special line mainly has rich routes, nationwide can support door-to-door delivery services. And Southeast Asia special line service chamber of commerce to provide a range of services such as collection and collection, goods packaging, export customs clearance, destination customs clearance, warehousing, duty payment and so on.

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