What is international logistics, international freight forwarders and how to choose?

In fact, international logistics is the logistics sent to foreign countries! In general, individuals who need to ship goods abroad or companies engaged in foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce are familiar with international logistics. International transport of goods between countries and between countries and regions are generally relatively long distances. In the process of transportation, it is often necessary to adopt a variety of modes of transportation, through multiple loading and unloading and replacement of different modes of transportation, transportation to different countries and regions.

In the process of organizing international transportation of goods, extensive contact with foreign countries is often required, which involves not only economic issues but also international political issues. People engaged in international freight transportation is not only an economic concept, but also a national policy concept. International logistics is an important part of long-distance transportation, involving a wide range, complex and changeable, and takes a long time, so the risk is relatively large. In order to transmit the risk of loss in the process of transportation, all kinds of import and export goods and means of transportation need to apply for transportation insurance.

What is international logistics, international freight forwarders and how to choose?Each international freight forwarder has its own advantages, mainly to see where to send, and then choose the best mode of transportation. The logistics environment of different countries, especially the soft environment of logistics is different, and the logistics transportation mode of different countries is also very different.

There are many ways to ship goods to foreign countries, sea, land and air all have, the sea has Maison clipper, star clipper, ordinary clipper, etc.; Meisen Clipper is the fastest maritime cargo transportation, thanks to the independent dock, in the peak season, other clippers dock at the port to unload the cargo for about a week, while Meisen can pick up the container in one to two days after the port, in the peak season, the advantage is very obvious.

For sellers, to flexibly use logistics mode, first of all, they should understand the size of their products, security and convenience of customs clearance, and choose the right logistics mode. It is also important to choose a reliable freight forwarder. Before working together, you should have a clear understanding of the company. It is best to have a field trip, or place a small order first, and try to serve in a timely manner. Under the premise of ensuring safety and timeliness, reducing shipping costs is the right choice for sellers!

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