How to choose the overseas warehouse of the Middle East cross-border logistics?

As we all know, there are a lot of rich people in the Middle East with strong consumption power. In recent years, e-commerce in the Middle East has developed rapidly, such as Trendyol, Amazon Middle East station, Noon and other platforms, which have promoted the development of cross-border logistics and overseas warehouses in the Middle East.

How to choose the overseas warehouse of the Middle East cross-border logistics?Sometimes even if you spend effort to understand the introduction of overseas warehouses in the Middle East cross-border logistics, you still do not know which overseas warehouses are better. In fact, there is no specific answer, but you can compare and consider from the following aspects:

1, whether there is a header service. If there is a warehousing integrated service, it is more convenient, and the head journey is the key to the safety of the whole international logistics chain.

2. Size of scale. Large scale overseas warehouse relatively stability will be better, but also more secure.

3. Whether there is a local team. Check the experience of the local team and whether it is a self-owned overseas position, so that you can better understand the local rules and avoid unnecessary risks.

4. Whether the domestic team is dedicated. Once there is a problem after the goods are sent to overseas warehouse, the goods are already overseas and are often difficult to deal with. It’s up to the national team to decide if they can help you out.

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