Thanks to cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon's East China Railway Station, overseas storage demand in the Middle East is also growing. Although the choice of cross-border logistics in the Middle East overseas warehouse storage can save costs for sellers, many sellers are more concerned about the cost of the Middle East overseas warehouse, here is to introduce to you.

Generally, overseas warehousing charges are divided into storage charges and service charges. What are the specific charges?

1. Storage expenses

The storage cost of overseas warehouse of international logistics is generally calculated and collected once per month by the volume and weight of goods, generally speaking, it is cheaper than logistics transportation cost.

2. Order management fee

After the goods are transported to the overseas warehouse in the Middle East, the warehouse personnel will check the products, put them on the shelves, input the products and other operations. These operations will incur certain management fees. The specific charge standard should be made clear to the overseas warehouse.

How much is the overseas warehouse cost of Middle East cross-border logistics?3. Final delivery fee

If a buyer places an order in the store, the seller will push the order to the overseas warehouse, and then the overseas warehouse will arrange delivery; There are usually their own team delivery or delivery by the local postal delivery, different delivery costs are not the same.

4. Transfer fee

For example, many Amazon sellers choose to store part of the goods in overseas warehouses in the Middle East, and then replenish the goods to Amazon warehouses, which also need to charge a certain transfer fee.

5. Labeling fee

If the seller of Amazon asks the overseas warehouse in the Middle East to return goods and change the labeling, the overseas warehouse also needs to charge certain labeling fees. Of course, like the first journey transportation, a generation of hair, distribution, but also need to collect fees, we should consult clear overseas warehouse.

Specific overseas storehouse cost, we also want to consult overseas storehouse just go, after all, the charge standard of each overseas storehouse is also different. In addition to the basic cost must be paid, service charge sellers can choose to save according to their own needs. We should also know how to calculate the overseas warehouse expenses and whether it is reasonable, so as to save more costs and improve the operation efficiency of the store.

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