The Middle East cross-border logistics e-commerce package is due for a few days

At present, the demand for China's products exported to the Middle East is also increasing, and customers can choose a variety of cross-border logistics and transportation modes; In addition to international express and special lines, there are small parcels in the Middle East line this way of choice. Compared with other modes of transportation, small bag special line has many advantages, such as low cost, time-effectiveness guarantee, etc., which is very suitable for customers with long-term transportation needs of small goods.

Middle East Parcel line surface mail and registered

1, surface mail package

Surface mail for the weight of the product is less than or equal to 2KG, freight is calculated by G unit, do not distinguish the first weight and continued weight; Product declarations are generally capped at 22 euros and rarely incur tax. The time limit is relatively slower and the cost is cheaper.

2. Registered packet

Registered packets are less restrictive on products than surface packets. The weight of the goods transported is not more than 30KG. The freight is also charged according to the actual weight of the product, and the unit of calculation is KG. The declaration of the product is declared by the actual value, so it is unavoidable to produce taxes and fees, but customs clearance is relatively simple and fast, still need to pay registered fees.

How long will it take for the Middle East parcel line to expire?

Air transport time: 7-12 working days

Customs clearance and delivery: need 3-5 working days

The Middle East cross-border logistics e-commerce package is due for a few daysMiddle East special line parcel transport time: 10-17 days can be completed

(The above prescription is for reference only, the specific prescription provided by the logistics company shall prevail)

Middle East international logistics small package special line embargo products?

1. Flammable and explosive products are prohibited

2. Prohibit printing that harms religion in the Middle East

3. No cash, check, etc

4. Products that violate state and air transport are prohibited

The Middle East small package line mainly has strict requirements on the weight, volume and declaration of products, and also supports the transportation of electric products and sensitive products, which can meet the transportation needs of more people. When choosing a small package logistics company, it is recommended to compare their qualifications, overall strength and other aspects, and choose a company with the highest cost performance for transportation, which is the best.

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