With the continuous development of the logistics industry, the logistics industry has become more and more advanced, domestic logistics has basically entered a good intelligent operation mode, the cost has decreased a lot, the price is very cheap.

But what about international logistics? Many people often ridicule the price of international logistics is too expensive, so the cost of international logistics is so composed? What are the costs of international logistics freight? Let also state logistics xiaobian to answer it for you!

Why does international logistics freight make a person feel expensive?First, air transport costs

International logistics is different from domestic logistics, the journey is very far in most cases, air transportation is also a necessary service for international logistics companies, and the cost of air transportation is quite expensive, so in the international logistics cost, air transportation cost accounts for a large part.

Two, time guarantee, human and material costs

International logistics companies generally have reference time limitation, and the actual transportation time limitation of general international logistics is faster than the reference time limitation. To achieve this point, it is necessary to ensure that international logistics companies have sufficient manpower and material resources to deal with thousands of goods, and ensure that every step of sorting and transportation is err-free, efficient and safe.

Third, line optimization cost

In the process of transportation, international logistics will face multiple transfers and inspections due to the long distance of logistics. Among these links, warehousing, loading and unloading, commodity inspection and customs declaration, information processing and other links will produce international logistics freight costs, which is also a major part of the price cost of international logistics.

Cost of other links

The process of international logistics will also produce material consumption, including the consumption of materials, electricity and fuel, and the wear and tear of fixed assets, which are also factors leading to high costs.

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