Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult countries for international logistics clearance

Which is one of the most difficult countries for customs clearance in international logistics? The following logistics xiaobian take you to understand the world’s international logistics most difficult customs clearance countries Saudi Arabia.

It is well known that the Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and other small countries are quite open, it is not difficult to handle international logistics customs clearance, the most difficult is the eldest brother of the Six Gulf countries Saudi Arabia.

1. Customs clearance license

Saudi Arabia has two kinds of customs clearance license, the first is general trade clearance license, the second is express clearance license.

01 General Trade Clearance Licence

This method of customs clearance requires SASO certification (Saudi National Standard certification for imported goods, also known as SASO) for each order, which is characterized by slow clearance time. This customs clearance method is suitable for large merchants to store goods in large quantities in the local stock business model, or for goods with high value, large volume and heavy weight like household appliances, which need a large amount of capital support.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult countries for international logistics clearance02 Express Customs Clearance licence

This kind of customs clearance does not require SASO certification for cross-border logistics, and is duty-free for less than 1,000 sand. In addition to direct delivery of orders to customers, e-commerce sellers who need to go through Saudi Arabia international logistics can also use this channel to do more SKU, less stock, frequently fill the warehouse mode, which has low capital requirements, which is the reason why the public like this customs clearance method, but the barrier to obtain express customs clearance license is very high.

2. Main customs clearance ports

Saudi Arabia has three main customs clearance ports in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah.

There are two kinds of goods from Riyadh, the first kind is DHL goods, the second kind is public warehouse goods. Why do you say so? Because DHL has its own independent supervision warehouse in the customs, customs personnel directly enter and work in the warehouse of DHL. Other logistics companies are arranging customs clearance in public warehouses. Yibang logistics has rich customs clearance experience and can handle customs clearance in Saudi Arabia.

Daman is a customs city, goods from Daman go very much, the major logistics companies have their own independent warehouses here. In addition, goods from Bahrain Bridge and dubai overland are also cleared in Dammam.

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