What about big bets on cross-border logistics?

This situation can be confirmed by various measures taken by the market for cross-border logistics. For example, SF Express keeps filling cargo planes and construction of Ezhou Airport; Shentong has opened special lines for 30 European countries; Juneyao Air “Magpie to” online air logistics platform; Maersk’s $545 million purchase of PT is a big bet on e-commerce distribution, and jd.com’s plans to build a cargo airline.

The performance of international logistics enterprises in 2020 also illustrates the situation. According to the boss of a veteran cross-border shipping firm, net profits more than quadrupled last year. For example, in huamao’s diversified business layout, cross-border e-commerce logistics has become the fastest growing sector.

What about big bets on cross-border logistics?2021 cross-border logistics is still promising, cross-border e-commerce logistics is mainly composed of seven links: pieces, warehousing sorting, domestic customs clearance, cross-border transportation, overseas customs declaration, warehousing transfer, overseas delivery and other links.

Galaxy Securities believes that the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry will continue to benefit in the short term. Among them, air freight, international cargo agent, container shipping and other key links benefit obviously. In line with this view, Tmall International also believes that some segments of cross-border logistics may see rapid growth in 2021, such as cross-border luxury goods logistics from overseas to China and so on.

According to some relevant information, for example, some cross-border logistics enterprises have spent 30,000 yuan to acquire second-hand containers, while previously, the market price of second-hand containers is only 8,000 yuan. There is also an enterprise in Shenzhen that provides logistics services for cross-border e-commerce companies. Due to the shortage of cabinets, it picks up the cabinets every night in order not to delay the business, which shows how busy it is in the New Year.

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