Different international logistics channels have different advantages, some are the price of Pakistan, some are the price of the Middle East, some are the price of India, some are the customs clearance advantage, some are guaranteed speed. Choosing the right delivery channel can save a lot of logistics costs.

Here are some practical tips for cross-border international logistics:

1. Packaging:

Fragile, easy to leak goods in the best before the delivery of sealing, increase foaming bags and other appropriate protective measures to prevent damage to goods. The goods should be packed in such a way that they can fall from the table to the ground without damaging them. Such packing is qualified.

2. Price of international express:

The price of international express is calculated according to the weight and volume weight. Reasonable arrangement of space and volume control can save a lot of freight. As for the description of goods on the waybill, it is better not to write the name of goods directly, such as sending mobile phone, but write equipment instead of mobile phone, which is safer and prevents loss.

3. Recipient information:

Include the recipient's name, address, phone number, zip code, email address, city and other relevant information, as detailed and accurate as possible to ensure the smooth delivery of goods.

Practical tips on cross-border international logistics4. Tariff:

Tariff is based on the type of goods, according to the quantity and value of goods, and the customs policy of the destination country to determine the tariff. The probability of levying customs duties on normal personal goods is very small. Generally, the declared value of your goods does not exceed the customs duty threshold of the cross-border logistics country, and there is no need to pay customs duties.

5. Customs Declaration:

Try not to exceed $30 at customs. Because if the value is quoted too high, the consignee abroad will have to pay a lot of customs duties. Customs clearance will also be more stringent, the goods can be detained, and then ask the recipient to show the relevant commercial invoice. Therefore, it is recommended to find an experienced express company to operate for you in the customs declaration part.

6. Customs clearance:

If it is sensitive goods or high value goods that need to pay customs duties, the forwarder company will send the materials needed for customs clearance to the recipient. The recipient needs to provide documents and cargo information in accordance with the format. After customs quarantine, examination and inspection are completed, the recipient can pay customs duties and release to continue delivery. If the goods are inherently defective, they may be detained and destroyed.

7. Prohibited items:

Because laws and regulations of each country are different, it is possible to be illegal in domestic things abroad, so do not mail contraband as far as possible under the circumstance that oneself is not very clear, otherwise it is not good to be destroyed or returned by the customs. The introduction of contraband can be found in the Baidu entry for international Express general goods, sensitive goods and contraband.

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