IPayLinks reached cross-border cooperation with Leyu

Brand development in Europe, from the traditional form of foreign trade to cross-border e-commerce, are inseparable from international logistics and overseas storage links. As the core chain of an enterprise, it is also a major bottleneck restricting its development -- data show that the logistics cost of cross-border e-commerce usually accounts for 20%-30% of the total transaction volume, which is 4-6 times higher than the logistics cost of domestic e-commerce. In order to reduce the loss of multi-party transfer, increase the settlement efficiency of local business in Europe, and realize the localized development of the brand, iPayLinks and Leyu have reached a cross-border service ecological chain and jointly made efforts to help cross-border sellers achieve their goals.

Recently, iPayLinks Abe full compliance with one-stop eu localization service providers fish cross-border co-operation, the two sides will hand in hand to provide users with direct payment service, the future iPayLinks users can directly in the accounts the background to the fish's enjoyed fish supply chain business - Europe local logistics, warehousing and other direct payments, improve efficiency and speed of the remittance, To meet the efficient operation needs of brands going abroad.

Founded in 2008, Leyu Cross-border has 17 branches around the world and is committed to providing professional knowledge and localized resource services for Chinese enterprises to go abroad to Europe. Its brand -- Le Yu Supply chain has professional elites such as customs clearance agents and motorcade, providing integrated services such as overseas warehouses and logistics. Its European overseas warehouses are located in Bremerhaven, Germany and Manchester, England, covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters (860,000 square feet), including officially certified dangerous goods warehouses, supervised warehouses and other self-built warehouses.

IPayLinks reached cross-border cooperation with Leyu

It is specialized in providing cross-border logistics supply chain services for traditional foreign trade factories and cross-border e-commerce enterprises, such as international logistics transportation, import and export customs clearance, overseas warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, local return and exchange, product distribution and so on. This time, iPayLinks and Leyu cross-border will further provide cross-border sellers with comprehensive cross-border logistics solutions.

On the basis of continuous expansion of cooperation, iPayLinks has reached cooperation with a number of leading cross-border logistics enterprises, helping cross-border merchants choose the most suitable combination of solutions for current needs in different logistics routes, overseas warehousing, logistics tracking and other scenarios. In the face of complex cross-border service scenarios, iPayLinks has always been pursuing to continuously improve customer experience and provide more efficient and secure cross-border payment solutions. At present, iPayLinks has established a global compliance operation system, covering 85% of the world's countries and regions, and has established diversified product systems such as cross-border collection, foreign trade collection, global receipt, supply chain financing, exchange rate management, VAT tax payment, export tax refund and so on. At the same time, iPayLinks is also actively seeking to work with more partners in the cross-border trading system to build an ecological partner network with wider reach, more comprehensive coverage and deeper service connotation.

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