Streaming technology is enjoyed daily by millions of people around the world. Making use of various devices for this. One of the best is without a doubt the television. Since its large size allows you to fully enjoy content such as movies and series. However, not all models have the necessary system to carry out this type of online playback. Let's talk today about smart tv.

Fortunately, there is a small device that, properly connected to any television, both old and new, provides it with the functions of an intelligent model. And with all that that entails. Multimedia content on demand, video games, thousands of applications and a long etcetera. This is the smart TV box. Product of which hundreds of models are currently marketed.

What is a TV Box and how does it work?

How does smart TV work?

This technological device has the Android operating system. Which becomes usable through the television in question. In order for the panel, regardless of the manufacturer brand, to receive the signal from the smart TV device, it is essential to establish a connection between both elements. Action that is usually performed by means of an HDMI cable.

It should be noted that the smart tv box is ideal for old televisions. Lacking some of them HDMI input. In such a case another output of the video source is used. AV, components, Scart, etc. In any case, it is not complicated to make the connection so that the television receives both the image and the audio.How to choose a smart TV box

The second step is to configure the Wi-Fi network through which your smart tv box will give you access to a whole world of online entertainment. After entering the router password you will be able to use the included applications. As well as download the ones you like. Carrying out all the actions in a comfortable way with the remote control that it usually includes.

Common uses

One of the most common uses is summed up in accessing streaming platforms that are on everyone's lips today. Netflix, HBO, Prime Video, etc. To all of them is added the free alternative that continues to triumph among the public of any age. YouTube, all these platforms working perfectly on the vast majority of devices designed to provide any television with the functions of a smart TV.

Although the infinite possibilities offered by the smart tv box do not end here. Users who opt for these devices also have access to the official platforms of television channels. Who choose to offer their programs both live and deferred in an online medium.

Beyond the multimedia content, it is inevitable to highlight other entertainment options. Like Android compatible games. Finding authentic gems in the Play Store catalog that can be enjoyed much more on a large screen.

If you intend to buy a smart tv box, assess the following:

Although it is by no means a complex device, undeniably, certain technical aspects require prior analysis before opting for the model you have your eye on. Firstly, the range of the Wi-Fi antenna implemented inside it. If it is scarce, you will be forced to use the Ethernet port with the inconvenience that comes with using more cables.What is an Android TV box

But it is of little use that the wireless network arrives perfectly if the processor is not capable of moving the multimedia content treated with your smart tv box fluently. This component must have a high power, especially if you have in mind to play 4K videos. Or try other demanding entertainment alternatives.

On the other hand, keep in mind that except for those smart TVs manufactured by internationally renowned companies, they do not usually receive updates. That is why it is convenient to choose the models whose Android version is higher. Thus avoiding future incompatibilities with certain apps.

Additionally, the command acquires great relevance when dealing with a smart tv box. There are several functions that it has. Activate cursor mode, direct access to certain platforms, search for content, etc. That is why its comfort is essential if you do not want to be forced to end up buying a wireless mini-keyboard. One that does allow you to move agilely through the virtual environment.

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