Amazon cross-border logistics service resumed export business at Shanghai port

June 8 - Today, Amazon's global logistics team announced that it has fully resumed amazon cross-border logistics service's export cross-border logistics business at Shanghai port since June 6, to ensure amazon sellers' cross-border logistics demand and supply chain smooth. From now on, the comprehensive services of shipping general ships, fast ships, air freight, STAR.STS, z-parcel and other official parcels from Shanghai port have resumed normal operation.

Amazon said, since the outbreak of Shanghai logistics team has been paying close attention to the Shanghai government all epidemic prevention requirements, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure the health and safety of employees and customers, and through the positive coordination will be planned in Shanghai port scheduling to other port shipment of the goods shipment, in order to ensure the seller's shipment requirements.

Thanks for the understanding and cooperation of the seller friends during the containment period in Shanghai. Through the efforts of both sides, the goods can be smoothly transferred to other domestic ports for shipment.

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