The cross-border parcel is called China Post Air Mail in English. Its timeliness and stability are poor, and the risk of packet loss is greater than that of cross-border large packages of China Post. China Post cross-border small parcels refer to international air parcels weighing no more than 2 kg and no longer than 60 cm. It can't weigh more than 2kg, which is why it got its name. All parcels over 2kg cannot be sent to cross-border small parcels.

How to choose small bags in cross-border logistics?

Under normal circumstances, cross-border dedicated logistics uses air warehousing to complete the cross-border transportation of goods, and then the third-party cooperative enterprises complete the delivery of goods in the region. Dedicated line logistics can collect goods that need to be sent to overseas countries or regions and complete cross-border transportation at one time, thus reducing the capital consumption of logistics links. Therefore, the price of cross-border dedicated logistics is often lower than that of commercial express delivery. In terms of transport time, the speed of special line logistics is lower than that of commercial express, but it exceeds that of postal parcels.

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