Cross-border logistics with overseas warehouses, with these six advantages

Overseas warehouse is a major development trend of cross-border logistics, especially for cross-border export. In the form of rented warehouses, less self-built warehouses.

Cross-border logistics overseas warehouse
Overseas warehouse, generally for cross-border e-commerce export, refers to cross-border e-commerce sellers who export commodities in bulk to overseas warehouses in accordance with general trade methods, and choose to directly deliver commodities from overseas warehouses to overseas consumers after completing online transactions.

Cross-border logistics with overseas warehouses, with these six advantages

[Advantage 1], greatly shorten the logistics time, accelerate the speed of payment collection.

It can speed up customer response and improve the quality and efficiency of logistics distribution.

[Advantage 2]. Improved order conversion rate and increased sales to a certain extent.

Change the location of goods, can improve the exposure and ranking of goods, customers shopping priority local delivery.

Cross-border logistics overseas warehouse
[Advantage three], expand the range of selection.

It expands the suitability of cross-border logistics distribution and provides guarantee for high-value goods

[Advantage 4]. Reduce cross-border logistics costs of sellers.

Shipping the goods to overseas warehouses in advance can speed up the turnover of goods and reduce the warehouse rent. Overall, logistics costs have advantages.

Cross-border logistics overseas warehouse

Cross-border logistics with overseas warehouses, with these six advantages

[Advantage 5]. Greatly upgraded after-sales service and improved customer satisfaction.

Overseas warehouses are close to consumers, so they can be returned, exchanged or even repaired, which improves the experience of local services and stimulates customers to buy again.

[Advantage 6]. Increase product price and gross profit.

The expansion of categories, the delivery speed and the improvement of after-sales service have improved the pricing level of goods, which can get rid of low-price competition.

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