Traffic jam? Blowing up? Under the outbreak, the real situation of cross-border logistics is revealed

Since March this year, the epidemic has been on the rise and the recurrence degree has become more serious. Currently, it has involved many provinces across the country. Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the three major port cities in the Yangtze River Delta, have also pressed the "suspension button". Cross-border logistics is facing a number of problems, such as tight supply, insufficient capacity and high cost, difficult delivery of express logistics, sharp drop in sales of e-commerce and dismal business, and reduced capacity of truck drivers blocked on the road... Under the counterattack of the epidemic, the cross-border logistics and transportation industry across China has ushered in an "inverted cold".

With repeated outbreaks of the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce is facing many crises

Set card driver shortage, seller shipment delay

Be engaged in the xiao Chen that collects card driver to work in Shanghai for a long time, current market lets him be quite tired. "Most of the vehicles in the fleet are now blocked, some drivers are isolated, some are stuck in the highway... The epidemic has led to traffic congestion, with each order taking longer on average than in the past, and a general increase in freight rates of one to two times."

In addition to a large number of drivers who are unable to travel due to lockdown and abnormal travel codes, "where can NUCLEIC acid be made?" has also become the topic most frequently exchanged among card drivers. In order to ensure that the nucleic acid code does not expire, many drivers from the original once every two days to now once a day. "Under the COVID-19 lockdown, logistics vehicles are queuing at high speeds, accelerating the congestion. People have to queue up for two days to book a bus in advance, and they are also required to show their permits or quarantine passes in controlled areas."

Out of stock, out of stock, difficult delivery, cross-border sellers have collapsed

Cross-border e-commerce sellers are out of stock, out of stock, difficult to deliver... Recently, a lot of sellers are complaining that this year is really difficult, seeing the platform produced orders, can only be anxious. "My shop sold dozens of orders of a certain product a few days ago. As a result, due to the impact of the epidemic, logistics delivery had to wait in line indefinitely. The goods could not be sent out, and buyers applied for refund and complained, resulting in a high customer turnover rate."

Not only that, but for cross-border sellers, most of them don't understand the international laws and regulations, the customs policy, most of the time, the seller have intention to not intentional of contraband goods, not declare data, imitation brand, the goods didn't agree size is too large, packaging transportation regulations, etc., during the outbreak logistics not free, but also increased the difficulty of the logistics.

Equick: Help cross-border sellers to reach out to the world at the most difficult time

Equick, as a professional enterprise dedicated to e-commerce logistics and supply chain services, has had more than 10,000 active customers in China in the past year, carrying a total cargo volume of more than 4,000 tons annually. Its services cover Europe, The United States, the Middle East, Africa and many other key e-commerce destination countries. By introducing foreign postal and local express services and organizing professional service teams, we provide professional, safe and efficient logistics services for cross-border sellers to ensure smooth delivery of goods to customers and reduce costs and increase efficiency for sellers.

Equick's original intention is to provide customers with low-cost and high-quality service products. Equick has provided high-quality, efficient and safe logistics services to more than 1,000 leading enterprises such as Wish, Guo Huang, JINGdong and Amazon. Equick always adheres to the concept of sustainable development and helps more cross-border e-commerce sellers achieve their dream of "big sale".

Five guarantee escort, so that cross-border sellers logistics worry

Rich experience: deeply engaged in cross-border e-commerce logistics for more than ten years, to provide customers with the most cost-effective services. Continuous optimization of products, stable/reliable services, 2020-2022, the clearance rate of goods to 99.99%.

Independently developed IT: Equick System fully independently developed can meet the support of operation, customer service corresponding financial settlement, customer management and other modules, and support the seamless docking with various major platforms.

Service capability: Provide pick-up service in Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou/Suzhou/Yiwu/Shenzhen/Ningbo/Quanzhou. The operation centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen have a daily processing capacity of 1 million orders.

Efficient and stable: With Shanghai Pudong, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Hangzhou, Changsha, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other airports to maintain long-term good relations of cooperation, to ensure the shipping space for export goods in peak season.

No worries after sale: Equick promises to inform you within 24 hours when the goods arrive at the destination with wrong address and other information. When the recipient is away and waiting for the shipment to pick up, Equick promises to notify within 48 hours.

Four major products help cross-border sellers win at the starting line

Europe and the United States dedicated line

The European and American markets are regions with high Internet penetration worldwide, and have high requirements on the choice of logistics distribution methods and timeliness. If the logistics is slow, it is likely to lead to direct returns and increase the operating costs of stores.

Equick integrates logistics resources in Europe and the United States and creates professional and diversified products and services. Products cover the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, etc., with a delivery rate of 99% and an aging period of 8-12 days. In order to meet the needs of independent sellers, we also launched the European express line service, with an average aging period of 5-8 days!

In the Middle East line

The acceptance of new products and technologies in the Middle East is generally high, and e-commerce is developing rapidly. However, logistics infrastructure construction is weak, and logistics distribution has been difficult to solve. Equick's newly launched Middle East line flies directly to Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and other destinations, with a 97% completion rate and an average age of 8 days. The service is stable and provides a full range of enquiries. Commercial flights direct, commercial customs clearance, commercial express delivery! Acceptable general, built-in battery.

Africa line

Traffic jam? Blowing up? Under the outbreak, the real situation of cross-border logistics is revealed

Morocco, as an advantageous resource in The African market and an important development partner of the "Belt and Road" initiative, is also an effective channel to quickly enter the European market, but the customs clearance and distribution of imported goods in Morocco are the biggest problems.

Equick offers Morocco special line service, direct flight to Casablanca, commercial customs clearance and delivery, fast time, high signature rate, also provides special line express service to South Africa and Egypt.

Global fast semi-search line

Some sellers need to control costs vigorously in logistics. For sellers who are not particularly demanding in timeliness, they can use Equick's customized fast semi-check line.

Equick global fast semi-search line, service coverage of the world, the freight rate is less than 1 yuan per piece, query track tracking to the destination country, 7-15 days delivery.

The situation of the global epidemic is still unclear, which is both a crisis and an opportunity. Equick will do its best to help cross-border sellers to ease their burden and overcome the difficulties together.

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