Logistics stocks up, the industry continues to recover

On May 20, the logistics plate shock stronger, as of the midday close, Chuang Logistics, Tianshun shares, long logistics have been trading limit, Xinning Logistics, Eternal Asia, Shanghai Yashi, Sanyangma and so on have risen.

Logistics stocks rose, the main stock to add more than 700 million, the industry continues to recover
In terms of capital flow, the logistics sector received a net inflow of more than 1.4 billion yuan, with aITONG, SF Holding and YTO Express respectively receiving a net inflow of 768 million yuan, 330 million yuan and 52 million yuan.

Recently, a number of express delivery companies disclosed the main business data in April:

Yunda Shares: Express service revenue in April was 2.859 billion yuan, up 0.03% year on year; Single ticket revenue from express delivery services increased by 24.02% year-on-year.

Yto Express: the revenue of express products in April reached 3.122 billion yuan, up 10.78% year on year; Single ticket revenue of express delivery products increased by 16.41% year-on-year.

Logistics stocks up, the industry continues to recover

Sto Express: in April, the revenue of express services reached 2.033 billion yuan, up 11.42% year on year; Single ticket revenue from express delivery services increased 20.66 percent year-on-year.

Sf Holding: Operating revenue reached 18.227 billion yuan in April, up 29.45% year on year. Single ticket revenue rose 1.65 percent year-on-year in April.

At present, the express industry is showing signs of recovery. On May 18, the Leading group of logistics of The State Council held a general command (all) scheduling meeting and pointed out that the current policies and measures of logistics are continuously improved, the control problems of layer upon layer are effectively rectified, and the main indicators of logistics operation are stable and improving.

The meeting also pointed out that the major arteries of logistics and microcirculation should be further unblocked while epidemic prevention and control are being carried out.

Security securities believes that the logistics insurance policy continues to force, express delivery volume rebound, the industry continues to recover, for Tongda department, each single ticket profit still maintain a high level, optimistic about the leading performance improvement.

China Merchants Securities pointed out that with the alleviation of the epidemic and the introduction of policies to promote consumption, the suppressed online consumer demand is expected to rebound. In the medium and long term, the demand for express delivery from e-commerce companies in the sunken market still has great room for improvement.

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