How does cross-border logistics work?

Talk about the flow of international logistics to you first, want to look for a reliable international transport company first, namely the freight agent that everybody says.

This process we call inquiry, that is, tell the forwarder what is your goods, how many, want to go, which way (FOB, EXW, CIF, CFR, etc., to baidu), ask shipping date, a good freight forwarders can let you save a lot of things, she will tell you, to prepare what material, what is can't go normal transportation, which is dangerous goods, How is the specific transportation, to prepare some more materials and so on.

Let's take shipping as an example.

These done after, began to stock up, ready to customs data, the scheduled delivery time, freight forwarders send a tow truck to you specify the location of the goods, transport of goods to the port of destination, bigger forwarder will have their own storage warehouse, small will help you rent a warehouse, in all the goods will be stored in the warehouse first, then the forwarder will take your materials, customs declaration, go to the customs declaration.

After customs declaration, ready to pack, by the way, the goods need to be packed, you can choose their own packaging, or the freight forwarder also has this service, there are many kinds of packaging materials, according to their own needs to choose the most economic, the most appropriate ha.

There is no problem with customs clearance, and after passing, the ship will depart, that is to say, your goods will begin to transport.

How does cross-border logistics work

Yet, after the boat, you need to list, I really want to poke fun at this, the forwarder will send you an electronic documents, there is a problem, you tell him where to change, change over again to confirm you, is really a trouble, and this process trival, needs to be very careful, because there is something wrong with too easily, if you do not see problems, directly confirmed, It will lead to your customers can not finally deliver the goods !!!! I have done this kind of thing, a number, a letter difference, will lead to very serious consequences!!

However, I recently found a new way, some platforms can do online ordering, that is, you can check the order online, modify yourself, after the correction, you can compare and see where the changes have been made, much less time and trouble than before. This is a bit of a digression. Let's move on.

After checking the bill of lading, the forwarder will release the bill of lading, which is the receipt of delivery. When the goods arrive at the destination, your customer will pick up the goods against the bill of lading.

Uh-huh, jumping... After the goods arrive at the destination port, the destination port also has to clear customs, that is, the customs has to review, review will give you unpacking and distribution, now many forwarders can destination distribution, like express, very convenient.

If you are interested in the details, you can talk to me privately. If you don't understand the HS code of the packing and labeling LCL customs declaration you said, you can also ask me. I have been doing international freight for 5 years, which is quite professional.

Last but not least, you don't know the shipment date, won't you ask the forwarder? Ha ha ha ha ha, freight agent will help you check ah, ship company has logistics tracking now, can know where the ship arrived, is what state, or you can look for a freight agent online platform that can check the shipping date directly, more trouble saving

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