What are the characteristics of logistics special line?

Logistics as a popular transportation industry today, many people have invested in the logistics companies, and in order to increase competitiveness, they are involved in different categories of logistics and transportation. Among them, dedicated logistics bulky transport is a special existence in the logistics transport industry. Dedicated logistics transport has many characteristics that other logistics transport does not have. So, what is the characteristic of special line logistics transport?

First, what is the logistics special line

Dedicated line logistics, also known as freight dedicated line, refers to the logistics company with its own trucks, special cars or aviation resources, transport goods to its dedicated line destination. Generally have their own branch or cooperative network in the destination, so that trucks back and forth have goods loaded.

The main body of dedicated line is freight station, dedicated truck, driver and information interaction system.

The purpose of the special line is to save costs, but it should be established on the premise of sufficient quantity of goods, otherwise it is likely to lose money, so the special line company generally takes uncertain time, full of goods, and customers' transportation costs will also be reduced.

The main advantage of dedicated line logistics is the lower transportation cost, while the disadvantage is the uncertain time of land transport trucks, which can meet the urgent cargo demand through air transportation or subcontracting business.

Ii. What are the characteristics of logistics special line

1. Fixed lines

Shenzhen freight company said that special line logistics transportation is actually a fixed route of logistics transportation, and they are two points of first-line logistics transportation.

2, shorten the transportation time cost

Dedicated logistics transportation is point-to-point transportation, dedicated logistics transportation can save costs in time, and is not affected by other conditions.

What are the characteristics of logistics special line?

3. Lower transportation cost

Shenzhen Logistics Company said that the transportation cost of dedicated logistics transportation is very low, which is mainly because shenzhen freight company is a vehicle when carrying out dedicated logistics transportation, so it can be charged according to the vehicle.

4. Have your own network

Dedicated line logistics transport has many outlets, which is mainly for the convenience of receiving and sending goods.

5, no stopping, no transfer

Another feature of dedicated line logistics transportation is that the transportation does not stop in the middle of the journey, directly from the point of departure to the destination, and can only stop after the arrival of the station, and does not unload midway without transfer.

Iii. Special line logistics business

The business process of the logistics dedicated line is as follows: receiving orders -- picking up goods and shipping -- tracking on the way -- signing for receipt upon arrival -- checking accounts and settling. It mainly operates two businesses:

1. Proprietary business

Proprietary line logistics companies only collect goods online from the starting point, so as to take advantage of their proprietary line and support their own branch business.

2. Subcontracting business

Take a small example, a special line company to undertake the goods of other destinations, if they sell this business to other logistics company transportation, then increase the operating profit at the same time, can also play the advantages of familiar with the same industry freight company, then have the advantage of strong combination. This behavior is subcontracting. General logistics companies to the national outlets, mainly through reselling subcontracting.

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