What is an LED light and how is it different from a regular light?

The advantages of leads over traditional bulbs are as follows:

· Lighting with no delay and faster response time, traditional glass bulb with 0.3 second delay to prevent rear-end collisions, and China Addressable LED Strip Light.

· Stronger seismic performance

· High luminous purity, no need for lampshade filter, wavelength error within 10 nm


· The luminescent heat is very small, and the heat resistance of the lamp material is not very high.​

· The beam is concentrated, easier to control, and no reflector is needed to concentrate the light, which is conducive to reducing the depth of the lamp.​

· Low power consumption: when reaching the same luminance as the traditional bulb, the power consumption is only 6% of the traditional bulb, saving electricity and oil

· Long life, no filament structure and no heat, normal use for more than 6 years

LED (light-emitting Diode) is a semiconductor that can convert electric energy into visible light. It changed the principle of tungsten filament Emitting Light of incandescent lamp and three-base color powder Emitting Light of energy-saving lamp, and adopted electric field Emitting Light.​

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