Pictures and prices of fancy sex dolls

2022, a better experience than FJB, more like a real person is the physical doll. If you choose the right one, really for a single homebody, it will open the door to a new world. It will let you feel the warmth of the world and the happiness of life.

First of all, to remember a point, a penny, a point of goods, greedy cheap pit wa friends everywhere, we remember not to pay tuition ah.
Material, one kind is tpe, one kind is silica gel, the process is the same, no need to worry about the tpe on the handle is relatively rough some stockings) (can wear clothes, later will give oil, later will have peculiar smell, the price is relatively cheap, and silica gel feel is smooth, no peculiar smell, prices are more expensive, and the platinum silicone, is better than ordinary silica gel aging resistance, High temperature resistance, environmental protection level is higher, in fact, or silica gel, (the first two materials also meet the environmental requirements, non-toxic and harmless to the human body.


Of course the price is also more touching, individual is not recommended, because for ordinary friends Eva can't distinguish the difference between the ordinary silica gel and platinum silicone, it is easy to feces has no good profiteers trap, while Japanese companies have more 670 thousand RMB, not waiting for civilian consumption of (a 670 thousand buy what is bad, what to buy the doll). In my personal opinion, I want to buy vent toys, buy TPE, take photos, model, daughter's pet, buy silicone.

Sex doll store:

First of all, buy sex dolls can buy a big factory to buy a big factory, buy a small factory also want to buy the letter, don't buy, don't know where to come out to listen to, have never heard check can not find the miscellaneous brand, some black heart manufacturers even use 95% recycling material to do dolls, deformation smell, doll ugly, when you cry too late.
‚ÄčPersonally, I recommend some doll manufacturers, like us, are also good, are old factories, buy rest assured with comfort.

Daily maintenance supplies:

1. ‚ÄčThe shower gel I use is the baby kind, Johnson & Johnson Yu Mei net these, neutral, good smell.

2. Cleaners, one dollar each, buy more, cheaper.
It can be reused, one for each area, alternate if you don't mind.

3. Talcum powder, you can smell, like one or the other, the doll will smell more talcum powder than the other.
Johnson, BABY, whatever. No requirements.

4 towels, to choose not to shed hair, there is a strong water absorption that is very good.

5. Makeup cotton, also known as makeup remover cotton, will put pictures once in a while, one by one, mainly used with olive oil, can clean local dirty things that can not be washed away, can also be used to remove light staining.

6. Olive oil, simple can, not very expensive, general maintenance. I use very much waste, may be lazy, dirty things are on this wash, and makeup will be used, with 9.9 free mail, tuhao can choose better.

7. Cosmetics, this mainly depends on the taste. I like the light type. The taste is very strong and can not stand, you can smell when buying.

8. Small watering can, small, one is more than 2 pieces, mainly used to care for wigs. wigs are not smooth, inside the mixture of hair conditioner and water, usually just tied hair, you can directly use water.

9. Lubricant, which is very important, helps a lot to improve the experience.

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