There are too many types of hair extensions. Which one is the best?

Hair extensions cost me two thousand, my heart ah, this month to tighten the belt again, first look at my short hair time……

Hee hee is also not very beautiful!

I asked a number of barbershops, but the barbers I was referred to always seemed unprofessional…

Then a barber told me to go to a professional hair salon. Aren’t you in the same industry?

Later, through friends to introduce the hair extension manufacturer, specific who did not say, lest like advertising to others!

In the store, the hair stylist gave me the impression of being very fashionable, very fashionable, and patiently introduced to me a few steps of hair!

1. The most important thing was to select the hair quality, and patiently explain the angle of hair attachment and the specific details. What did you say?​

What impresses me most is how good his after-sales service is, because he seems to have said ☺️ more than three times, but it is true.​

2. Dye the color for me. Only when the color is unified, the effect will be real, and there will be no fault or color difference with your hair.​

The longer the hair is, the more expensive it will be. Personal advice is not to make the hair too long. 60cm is enough

They also experiment at home clip a roll, as if all in the appearance of horizontal support.​

It’s so hard, no matter how hard you clamp it!

No contrast, no harm…

4: The rest is the later feeling at home. A week at home is relatively uncomfortable, at the beginning of a little discomfort, always feel a lot more weight, slowly adapt to it, now basically don’t feel,

Later, I basically did not wash my hair at home, long hair is not easy to wash, because it was included in the after-sale service when I was told at that time. Haha, I need to wash my hair every day and wash the cost back!

The specific feeling is now basically adapted, perhaps suddenly in letting me tear down will be more not adapted to it, looking forward to tearing down when their hair will grow.

Don’t say I have to eat more black sesame, let my hair grow quickly.​

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