Shower room base disadvantages and shower room base advantages

​Whether to need a base about shower room, many owners are hesitant when choosing and buying. Actually, this does not have a unified answer. Basically, it still depends on individual needs and is fond of, the demand point ability that understands oneself is clear choose and buy tendency. ​Next, we will consider whether the shower room needs a base for the owner to provide some reference ideas.

1, shower base seat has little common sense

​The shower room base occupies a space commonly smaller, about 3m2 left and right sides. ​The length of the base is about 1.5 — 1.8m, the width is about 30 — 40cm, and the thickness is 6 — 10cm. ​The standard installation height of sprinklers is between 2 — 2.2m.


2, shower base seat disadvantage

​Under normal circumstances, the water of the base of the shower room does not coincide with the water of the toilet. ​At this time, it is necessary to purchase a hose to connect the base and the water outlet of the toilet. ​There is the disadvantage of inconvenient cleaning or damage to the hose. ​At the same time, if the connection between the hose and the water and the connection between the base and the ground and the wall is not sealed properly, it will cause water vapor and dirt to flow back under the base. ​It is very inconvenient to remove and reinstall the base when cleaning.

3, shower base seat advantage

​The shower room that installation takes base can reflect the integrity of the shower room better, the beautiful degree that promotes the shower room greatly and a simple sense. ​The installation of the base can better ensure the safety of the shower process, especially for families with elderly people and children, but when choosing a base, pay attention to choosing high-quality products. ​The base made of resin is relatively good, because of its strong bearing capacity and long service time. ​The proposal with poor waterproof function of domestic floor is installed shower base, the possible drainage that appears when can solve shower so is not a smooth problem.

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