Cross-border electronic logistics port, improve the operation efficiency of cross-border e-commerce

Since the beginning of 2019, major domestic express delivery and e-commerce companies have been competing to increase cross-border logistics investment, multi-party layout of the global logistics network, seize the cross-border logistics market, and enhance their competitiveness. Different from domestic logistics, cross-border logistics has a long distance, long time and high cost. Moreover, it involves customs clearance (customs clearance procedures) and other related issues in the destination country, which are mostly influenced by cross-border e-commerce.

Now there are more and more foreign trade sellers of cross-border e-commerce. When starting business and placing orders, the first problem to be considered is how to choose express delivery logistics to send goods to foreign countries. Generally speaking, as long as small sellers can deliver goods through the platform, you can choose channels such as international packets. But now, big sellers or sellers on independent platforms need to optimize logistics costs, consider customer experience, integrate logistics resources and explore new logistics forms, etc.

Cross-border electronic logistics port, improve the operation efficiency of cross-border e-commerce

There are many market competitors in the cross-border logistics industry, but they are limited by their own financial strength, management and technical capabilities. Moreover, due to the separation of national logistics markets, the competition is characterized by the competition between enterprises in a certain region. Such as the Yangtze River Delta region. The competition between cross-border logistics companies or competition for customer resources in a certain industry, such as electronic manufacturing industry, is less than cross-regional and cross-industry competition.

“Zhengzhou asia-europe cross-border electronic logistics harbor” project, the project for the goldwater asia-europe Shared ecological city is an important part of science and technology industry, and realize its domestic port function, set up cross-border electricity intelligent warehouse, will be receiving, storage, shelves, picking, packing, weighing, city distribution, main connection, cross-border seamlessly export inspection, international and domestic goods, To attract domestic electronic product export brands to settle in, the business linkage between Jinshui domestic port and Shangcheng international port and resource sharing form a balanced and inseparable twin relationship between cross-border electronic product export and bulk commodity import. Its advantages are uncomparable to other existing ports.

This year, Jinshui Asia-Europe Shared Ecological Science and Technology Industry City has signed a contract of 100,000 tons of imported goods from White Rose, which needs 125 special return trains to transport. Based on the current 25% empty load rate of Zhengzhou, it can make up all the return goods and take the lead in realizing the round-trip balance.

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