How to solve these international logistics problems?

Whether it is foreign trade or factory, as long as there is import and export demand, it is inevitable to deal with the problems in international logistics. As an interim step, international logistics plays a bridging role in the role of consignor.

Of course, import and export international logistics services are efficient and low-cost. This is a state that everyone likes.

However, all was not satisfactory. There are also problems in international logistics. How should we face them? Next, also state logistics xiaobian and everyone together to see how to solve the following problems!

1. How to deal with damaged goods?

Whether by air or sea, there are many transportation links involved, so damage or loss of goods is inevitable. At this time, as the first person in charge -- if found by the owner, should contact the forwarder in the first time to verify the possible link of cargo damage; If discovered by the consignee, the consignee shall immediately contact the consignor and ask him to find the corresponding freight forwarder and provide sufficient information for verification.

2, what if there is a hateful dumping box?

First, we need to know which side dumped the case. Freight forwarders and shipping lines have different ways of dealing with rejection.

(1) The handling method of container dumping by forwarder

This often happens with designated forwarders. If there is no problem with the operation of your international freight forwarder (including the entry declaration, export procedures, etc.), there may be cases of container rejection, you should directly find the designated freight forwarder to deal with.

How to solve these international logistics problems?(2) Method of container dumping by shipping company

If the shipping company is responsible, you can apply for free shortage. Please contact customs broker/freight forwarder for details.

(3) Factory/foreign trade reasons

If the container is dumped due to the owner's own reason, you can also apply for missing packing, but different from the shipping company, the owner's own reason is to pay missing packing fee and container overdue fee.

3. What about the delay in customs clearance?

First of all, what is the reason for the delay in customs clearance? Any phenomenon will not appear without reason, the cause of customs clearance delay is also inevitable. There are not only internal factors related to the owners themselves, but also external factors of the external environment. Identify the source of the problem before you solve it.

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