Cross-border logistics team up with Geewallet to provide collection service for sellers in Southeast Asia

Cross-border e-commerce is in full swing. From Europe to Asia, the positive development of cross-border logistics also drives international logistics and overseas warehousing. In the core operating costs of enterprises, cross-border logistics probably accounts for two 30%. Geewallet will focus on the southeast Asian market in 2022. In order to improve the validity of local business settlement, Geewallet has signed contracts with several Southeast Asian logistics service providers to enter into the service ecological chain and cooperate with logistics enterprises to serve cross-border enterprises.

Cross-border logistics team up with Geewallet to provide collection service for sellers in Southeast AsiaRecently, Geewallet has reached cooperation with a number of local cross-border logistics service providers in Southeast Asia to provide users with direct settlement of local COD and service fees. In the future, Geewallet users can directly pay fees to local supply chains and southeast Asian local logistics and warehousing after their accounts to improve the efficiency and speed of remittance. To meet the efficient operation needs of brands going abroad.

The cooperative cross-border logistics service providers are specialized in providing cross-border logistics supply chain services such as initial international logistics and transportation, import and export customs clearance, overseas warehousing, inventory management, order fulfillment, local return and exchange, and product distribution for traditional foreign trade factories and cross-border e-commerce enterprises, as well as COD service providers in emerging markets in Southeast Asia. This time, Geewallet will cooperate with a number of cross-border logistics service providers to further provide cross-border sellers with better experience of payment collection and payment services. At present, Geewallet has established cooperation with a number of cross-border logistics companies, helping cross-border merchants choose the best route in different logistics routes, overseas warehousing, logistics tracking and other scenarios.

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