What are the requirements for goods to be shipped to Taiwan by sea?

In mainland China, sending a Courier is very simple. You can place an order by phone, order by wechat official number, or send it directly to a nearby express outlet. All kinds of ways can be delivered easily. In recent years, the connection between the mainland and Taiwan has become increasingly close, and the exchanges in trade, culture, tourism, investment and business between the two sides have become more and more frequent. The exchanges between the two sides are bound to be accompanied by the flow of people and goods. What are the requirements for goods to be shipped to Taiwan by sea?

1. What are the requirements for special line logistics sent to Taiwan

1. Strictly abide by the “Notice on Strengthening the Management of Indirect Container Liner Transportation Across the Taiwan Strait” and other relevant documents issued by the Ministry of Communications;

2. The export express receiving company in Taiwan must provide the unified code, and the individual receiving the goods must provide the ID number;

3. The bill of lading of cross-strait trade transportation between mainland ports and Taiwan ports shall be converted in Hong Kong. The loading port agent shall issue the first set of bill of lading, and China Shipping Container Transportation (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Container Transportation Hong Kong) shall issue the second set of bill of lading, which shall be consistent with the bill of lading; However, if the agent at the destination port changes the manifest according to the request of the consignee, the consequences shall be borne by the consignee and have nothing to do with the shipping company.

What are the requirements for goods to be shipped to Taiwan by sea?4. Materials required for export general trade declaration; Customs declaration, packing list, purchase and sales contract, declaration power of attorney;

5. After loading the goods from Taiwan entrusted by the consignor, the agent of mainland port shall notify the relevant information (loading list of goods from Taiwan) to Hong Kong and copy it to the relevant container transportation department of our company. If there are dangerous goods and tax products (such as tobacco and alcohol, etc.), special points shall be made;

6, Taiwan express size requirements: shall not exceed 220*77*82cm at the same time of the two sides, if more than the need to do import declaration.

Second, the requirements for packaging

1. The outer packing must meet the requirements of the inner packing itself: such as pressure resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, rust resistance, shock resistance, anti-static etc.

2. The outer packaging must conform to; Packing operation; Adaptability: such as the convenience of secondary packaging of turnover boxes and exhibition items, etc.

3. The gap in the inner packaging of all goods is not allowed to be too large, especially for fragile goods, there must be no gap;

4, the outer packaging must meet; Storage; Adaptability: such as the ease of identification of shipping marks and signs, adaptability of storage sites and facilities, etc.;

5. Some customers are not allowed to add stones, sand, bricks and other sundries that do not meet the transportation conditions in order to reach the preferential weight section when delivering the goods.

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