Russian logistics lines is logistics company's main business in Russia, there are a lot of cross-border sellers did Russia in this region, through different means of transportation to transport of goods to Russia, but for just into the novice seller, for the transportation of Russian cross-border logistics lines has certain confusion, so simple said today.

Russian logistics line through different modes of transport to transport the goods to Russia, general main Russian business logistics companies will open branches in Russia, to facilitate the back and forth transport of goods.

First, what are the main modes of transport of Russian logistics special line

1, land

Overland transport has been used to transport goods to all of Russia and other parts of the territory. Land transport takes longer time and costs between sea and air transport;

2, shipping,

As the name suggests, it is maritime transport. Gather up the goods and put them in containers. The goods are then transported to Russia by means of sea transport;

What are the transport modes of Russian logistics special line?3, air

It means air transport. Goods are transported by plane to major Russian cities and by train or truck to other parts of Russia. The main advantage of air transportation is its fast speed, while the disadvantage is its high cost.

Russian logistics line can quickly and accurately transport the goods to the hands of customers, professional logistics line logistics company, can be a good solution to the destination customs clearance problem, save the seller a lot of trouble. Of course, in order to ensure the safety of the goods, according to the specific situation of the goods to use packaging materials in accordance with the provisions, according to the nature of the contents of the package.

Two, Russia logistics special line transport needs to pay attention to what

1. In order to facilitate the customs clearance at the destination and make quick and accurate delivery, especially to contact the recipient in time if there is any problem, please be sure to provide the recipient's name, address, contact number and other information in English and Russian. Do not use a post office box as your addressee address whenever possible.

2. The goods shall not be enclosed with cash or dangerous goods, and shall not be shipped in the destination country (region) prohibited by law, and shall not be shipped in the international land transport prohibited by transport;

3. In order to ensure the safety of the goods, please use the packing materials in accordance with the specific conditions of the goods, and properly pack the goods according to the nature of the contents. If the goods are damaged due to the packing discrepancy, no compensation will be made.

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