Can the Middle East cross-border logistics use overseas warehouses to reduce costs and increase efficiency

With the development of cross-border e-commerce, China’s cross-border trade is relying more and more on overseas warehouses, and international cross-border sellers are becoming more and more optimistic about overseas warehouses. For international cross-border logistics, overseas warehousing will greatly reduce the seller’s logistics timeliness.

First, what is the overseas warehouse?

Overseas warehouse, as the name implies, is overseas warehousing service. One-stop control and management service for warehousing, sorting, packaging and delivery of goods provided by online foreign trade trading platform and international logistics service provider independently or jointly for sellers in the sales target place. The seller will store the goods to the local warehouse, and when the buyer has a demand, the first time to make a quick response, timely sorting, packaging and delivery of goods.

Ii. Why do we need overseas warehouses?

1. The use of overseas warehouses can improve the merchant’s praise rate and service quality. In the case of shortage of goods in Amazon warehouse, we can choose to directly deliver goods from the overseas warehouse to replenish the goods, which saves the journey time from home to abroad and the clearance time in the middle, and the delivery time is faster. When there is a problem of return and exchange of goods, the merchant can contact the third-party freight forwarder to change the label, pack the goods in the overseas warehouse, and sell the goods again after re-entering the warehouse.

Can the Middle East cross-border logistics use overseas warehouses to reduce costs and increase efficiency2. Reduce logistics costs. The seller can ship some goods in bulk to a third party overseas warehouse by sea. When the seller needs to replenish the goods to the warehouse in time, he can directly deliver the goods from the overseas warehouse, saving the freight money from the domestic delivery again.

3. Reduce the risk of customs clearance. For sellers, the overseas warehouse first process adopts the traditional way of foreign trade logistics and imports according to the normal customs clearance process, which greatly reduces the customs clearance obstacles.

Third, why will overseas warehouse become the inevitable trend of logistics industry development in the era of e-commerce?

1. Reduce logistics costs: the initial process of overseas warehouse will transform scattered international small packages into bulk transportation, which will greatly reduce logistics costs.

2. Safe and timely delivery: Overseas warehouses can transform traditional international delivery into local delivery, ensure that goods can reach consumers more quickly, safely and accurately, and improve consumers’ cross-border shopping experience.

3, convenient for buyers to return and exchange: overseas warehouse return and exchange processing efficient and convenient, perfect solution to the international return and exchange problem.

4. Shorten delivery time: after placing an order, foreign buyers can pick up, pack and deliver goods in overseas warehouses immediately, greatly speeding up the delivery time, avoiding logistics shortcomings caused by holidays and other special reasons, truly enabling cross-border e-commerce to realize localized services, thus improving the overseas competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce.

Iv. Why are third-party overseas warehouses the safest and cheapest warehouses for cross-border e-commerce?

The third-party overseas warehouse has special staff to handle the goods on behalf of the merchants. Once the merchants need to replenish the goods to the Amazon warehouse, they can immediately complete a series of logistics procedures such as goods sorting, packaging, labeling and delivery, which can save the labor cost for the merchants. Third-party overseas warehouses can flexibly rent warehouses in terms of lease term and area according to the demand of e-commerce, and the rent is much cheaper than amazon warehouses.

5. Why are cross-border e-commerce companies that use overseas warehouses more likely to win the trust of buyers?

Orders boomed during the busy shopping season. The efficiency of cross-border distribution will be affected, the risk of bag loss will increase, and the customs will have stricter spot check policies, which will delay the replenishment time to Amazon warehouse. Overseas warehouse can reduce the logistics risk of cross-border e-commerce. When sellers need replenishment, they can deal with it quickly to ensure sufficient inventory of goods, thus improving customer satisfaction and increasing trading volume.

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