When goods enter the Saudi market, relative to cross-border logistics, relevant customs clearance information must be prepared. Some goods will have other relevant requirements in a specific environment, so what specific matters need to pay attention to? The following logistics xiaobian take you to understand it!

1. The actual consignee or the final consignee shall designate a customs registered importer IOR for customs clearance, who shall be responsible for submitting customs clearance documents and paying import duties to ensure the smooth arrival of the goods.

2. Customs declaration materials must include a copy of business registration and a power of attorney authorized by the consignee for customs clearance.

Flow Saudi special line customs clearance import and export matters needing attention3. Except for a few exempted products such as food and medicine, products entering Saudi Arabia must have SABER certificate issued by an authoritative testing company in the country of origin.

4. A copy of the business registration (business license) of the importer is required if the import is in the name of the company or the value of the imported goods exceeds 100 USD.

5. All Saudi citizens and foreign nationals are required to provide their IDnumber when importing goods in the name of their own for the amount of usd 100. If the goods need to be picked up, the IDnumber must be written on the VATnumber of the DHL waybill.

6. If the goods need to be delivered to Dhahran, the value of the goods reaches usd 13,250; Or goods to Jeddah, Riyadh with a value of $2500 must have a power of attorney in the name of the importer authorizing DHL to clear the customs on his behalf, valid for one year. If the goods exceed a certain amount, some regions also require the certificate of origin provided by the authoritative trade organization in the country of origin. If the relevant Middle East logistics clearance documents are not provided in accordance with the above requirements, the goods will be returned and the return costs will be borne.

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