At present, cross-border logistics in export, overseas warehouses, special lines are optimistic. Yibang logistics believes that from the perspective of B2C export cross-border e-commerce logistics, overseas warehouse mode and dedicated small package mode have more opportunities and are expected to occupy 50% of the total volume of B2C export cross-border e-commerce market.

However, not all enterprises have the opportunity to take advantage of the trend, and those export logistics companies that already have business scale and understand the needs of sellers are more optimistic.

According to the investment logic report, at present, the overall mayor ownership of both overseas warehouse distribution enterprises and FBA leading enterprises is still low, and the CR30 is below 30%, presenting a state of warlords. There are still many opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises, and the competition among leading enterprises is also quite fierce.

And special line small bag track has begun to move towards oligopoly from multi-foot standing, which of these refined operation ability is more outstanding, the more opportunity to achieve transcendence.

What are the current high-quality modes of cross-border logistics?Logistics follows business flow. According to the survey data of overseas e-commerce scale compound growth from 2015 to 2018, it is more optimistic about emerging markets such as Indonesia and India and developing markets such as France, Saudi Arabia and Canada, which means more potential for cross-border logistics enterprises.

Export: overseas position mode is optimistic

On the other hand, the cross-border logistics import business is mainly bonded warehouse and direct mail in the market.

Overseas warehouse + direct mail mode is suitable for the sales of some niche personalized products and long-tail products. Some overseas new products that are not well-known in China can also test the Chinese market through this mode, which does not require cross-border large-scale stocking and will cost less to test the Chinese market.

The bonded warehouse model has a large overall volume and is a relatively mainstream model, which is suitable for some well-known products in China to be sold to China quickly from overseas.

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