Tax rebate and tax reduction "combination" smooth traffic and logistics "artery"

Transportation logistics is the meridians of the market economy and an important support for people's livelihood. As the dividend of the new combined tax and fee support policy is gradually released, more and more market players enjoy the "real money" policy "fuel package", which makes transportation and logistics enterprises "return blood" with visible "acceleration", opens up the main artery, unimpeded microcirculation, and ensures the stability of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Tax bonus "refueling", cross-border logistics speed up

With the implementation of a series of major national strategies and the intersection and superposition of many international cooperation mechanisms in Yunnan, yunnan's regional advantages are becoming increasingly prominent, and the cross-border logistics in Yunnan is developing rapidly.

In order to smooth the "double cycle", promote the development of foreign trade, and help cross-border logistics enterprises to "relieve pressure", the taxation department of Yunnan Province has established a "one-to-one" service relationship with enterprises, and worked together with the departments of finance, market supervision and administration, People's Bank of China and other departments to formulate "one enterprise one policy", so as to ensure that the dividends of various tax policies reach the market subjects directly.

Wanding Manman Channel is an important land port for trade between Yunnan and Myanmar and the busiest port for cross-border logistics between China and Myanmar. Ruili WanDing logistics Co., Ltd. back wanDing port, cross-border warehousing logistics business once booming. In the face of the double pressure of the epidemic at home and abroad, cross-border logistics companies in this border town are facing difficulties such as operation stagnation, capital shortage and rising labor costs. "The company enjoys the policy of exempting value-added tax for international transportation services, which has been reduced by more than 30,000 yuan this year." Company finance director Wang Genlian said. On May 1, 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement (RCEP) will officially enter into force in Myanmar, ushering in a new stage of china-Myanmar friendly economic and trade relations. The level of trade facilitation will be further improved, and the china-Myanmar cross-border logistics industry will also usher in new development.

Tax rebate and tax reduction "combination" smooth traffic and logistics "artery"As a new "Internet celebrity" in Yunnan province, china-Laos Railway has been in operation for half a year, and passenger and cargo transportation of China-Laos railway has shown a trend of increasing quantity and quality, and the role of international gold logistics channel is increasingly emerging. Tax authorities in Yunnan province focused on the problem of logistics enterprises along the China-Laos railway and launched a series of exclusive tax services to ensure that enterprises can enjoy preferential tax policies in a timely manner.

"With the opening and operation of china-Laos Railway, a safe, efficient and green transportation environment has been brought, which not only reduces our transportation costs, but also expands our business scope. Now we can directly send goods to all parts of China, even Laos and Myanmar by railway. With such good tax incentives, we have the confidence to grow bigger and stronger." Xishuangbanna a limited company in charge tsunami said. It is reported that the company has enjoyed various tax and fee concessions of 100,000 yuan since this year, injecting new impetus into the development of enterprises.

Real money "boost", logistics enterprises on the "highway"

Affected by the epidemic, oil prices and other factors, most of the transportation and logistics industry is facing the difficulties of "shrinking" operating income, increasing freight costs, and increasing labor costs. "Reducing the burden" of "real money" is a key step for enterprises to overcome the difficulties and increase their confidence.

Longchuan county logistics limited liability company is the local "old brand" logistics enterprises, has been cooperating with local large enterprises, orders are guaranteed. "The company's basic transportation business volume is ok at present, but due to the impact of the epidemic, transportation costs have skyrocketed, while transportation costs remain unchanged, so our profits have decreased a lot, and we even operated at a loss for a period of time. But thanks to the support of national fiscal and tax policies, we survived." Enterprise legal person Li Zihai said. It is reported that since this year, the company has enjoyed various tax and fee preferential policies of nearly 130,000 yuan, greatly alleviating the financial pressure of enterprises.

The faster the implementation of preferential tax policies, the faster the development of enterprises. Liao Xianyan, financial staff of a logistics company limited in Yunnan province, was satisfied with the landing speed of the tax policy red envelope, "the tax refund experience is very good, only five working days from the online application to the tax to the account, more than 1 million yuan of tax rebate let us develop more confidence."

Just as the policy "red envelopes" need to be delivered quickly, fresh fruits, vegetables and meat also need to be delivered to distant tables through cold chain logistics as soon as possible. Yunnan agricultural products Co., LTD., relying on cold chain logistics technology, has realized the terminal delivery of plateau specialty vegetables without contact with fresh distribution. Yang Wei, chairman of the company, said: "Thanks to the development of modern cold chain logistics in Yunnan Province, thanks to good policies, fresh green vegetables deep in the mountains have moved out of villages and into cities; Poor villages in the mountains have taken the road to development and become model villages for beautiful villages, on the road to rural revitalization."

Yang wei calculated a bonus account, only from January to May 2022, the company enjoyed VAT tax free sales of 97.44 million yuan.

Tax rebate "encouragement", enterprise development on the "through train"

Opening up logistics and ensuring supply is related to the heating and cooling of thousands of households and the livelihood of thousands of industries. The taxation department of Yunnan Province has opened the "policy implementation Through train" to ensure that tax and tax dividends can reach enterprises accurately at the first time and help the transportation and logistics industry "smooth all the way".

Due to the impact of the epidemic, a transport Company in Lijiang saw its monthly passenger flow drop from 250,000 in 2019 to about 160,000, a year-on-year decline of 40%, and its operating revenue also dropped 35.26%, making the company suffer losses for three consecutive years. Since this year, the enterprise has received more than 4 million yuan to stay against the tax rebate, enterprise finance director Li Wenwu sighed: "really have the feeling of helping charcoal in the snow."

Zhaotong logistics Co., Ltd. also needs to fight a way out during the epidemic. Affected by factors such as the weak market and the epidemic, as well as the continuous rise of oil prices, the business situation continues to decline, and the pressure of capital turnover is huge. "The 120,000 yuan tax refund is a lifesaver for us. Without it, I might not have been able to carry on." Zhang Ling, the person in charge of the enterprise, saw hope in the tax rebate.

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