Common problems and solutions in metal stamping and drawing parts production

Metal stamping tensile parts in our daily life have been everywhere, metal stamping tensile parts in mass production will produce a variety of problems for various reasons. Precision metal stamping companies on the summary of experience to share metal stamping tensile parts production common problems and solutions:

1. The shape of metal stamping and drawing parts is inconsistent with the size

The main reason for the inconsistency between the shape and size of metal stamping and drawing parts is that they will spring and the positioning is not correct. In addition to taking measures to reduce the springback, the reliability of blank positioning should also be improved.

2. Surface strain of metal stamping and drawing parts

The SURFACE STRAIN OF metal stamping and drawing parts is caused by improper material selection, low hardness of heat treatment, poor finish, wear of concave die fillet, poor surface quality of bending blank, poor thickness of material, unreasonable choice of process plan, lack of lubrication and other reasons.


3. Bending crack of metal stamping and drawing parts

(1) When the angle between the bending line and the sheet metal rolling direction does not conform to the prescribed layout, the bending line should be perpendicular to the rolling direction when the one-way V-shaped bending is performed; ​when bidirectional bending, the bending line and the rolling direction of the best into 45 degrees.

(2) Poor plasticity of the drawing material.

(3) The bending radius is too small and the pickling quality is poor.

(4) Insufficient lubrication -- high friction.

(5) The radius of the convex and concave die is worn or the gap is too small -- the feed resistance increases.

(6) The quality of the blank shear and punching surface of the drawing piece is poor -- burr and crack.

(7) The thickness and size of the material are seriously out of tolerance -- difficult to feed

The solution:

1. Metal stamping tensile forming processing shape should be as simple as possible, symmetric, as far as possible a deep drawing forming;

2. For parts that need to be stretched many times, under the premise of ensuring the necessary appearance quality, traces can occur in the process of stretching should be allowed to exist on the inside and outside appearance;

3. On the premise of ensuring the installation requirements, the side wall of the drawing part should be allowed to have a certain slope;

4. The spacing between the hole edge and the side wall of the bottom or flange of the drawing piece should be appropriate;

5. The radius of the rounded corners of the bottom and wall, flange and wall of the drawing parts and the corners of the rectangular parts should be appropriate;

6. The scale of metal stamping and drawing parts should not be marked together with the internal shape scale.

Metal stamping tensile parts production of common problems and solutions to share the above content, I hope to help you.

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