What furniture do you really not need to buy?

You buy a rug for your dog and cat to roll over, and the dog poops on it, and the cat buries in it.

Buy a dresser ready to put her beautiful bottles for the wife, the results she used a variety of paper, sponge, empty bottles, eyebrow pencil, pedicure knife, shaving leg hair knife, clothes tag…. It all sits on top, looks like a pile of garbage from a distance, looks like a terrorist bomb test stand, reaching out to touch often cut by razor blades.

Customize a meal side cabinet all the way to the top, ready to place some red wine and white wine, the results put some Qingdao Snow add Duo Bao Wang Laoji.

furniture supplier

Get a furniture supplier to order Sofia’s closet with a glass door, get ready to fill it with my wife’s beautiful clothes, and it’s worse than invisible.

Play a tatami, ready to read in the sun of French Windows, tea, the result is not used for three hundred years, full of sundries, has become another secret base for cats and dogs, sooner or later to pull on the above – bubble urine a tuo excrement, the clothes stuffed in the cabinet smell of mildew.

Building a bookshelf that promises to fill the couple’s treasures over the years only adds to the dust.

Buy a 75-inch SONY TV with X1 chip and plan to enjoy watching 4K movies and playing games in the living room. The result is still to watch B station videos, follow stupid B TV dramas, and watch The Three Kingdoms, The Red House and the Water Margin with AV quality several decades ago.

Put together a 10-thousand-pound water-cooled computer, get a curved 4K screen, and get ready to fill up your car with guns and balls, and get high every night.

I suggest lazy dog what furniture do not buy, what equipment do not install, empty walls are walls, the full floor is a bed, with a mobile phone lying everywhere, that is open minded, happy as gods.

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