What is the main purpose of furniture exhibition?

What's the point of furniture fair?

In fact, the exhibition of this kind of thing, personal factors are very big, someone is to figure a lively activities, just a cursory view, then read also forget, in fact, it doesn't mean anything. But if you are an exhibitor, a designer, a furniture worker or a home furnishing enthusiast who wants to learn something, the quality furniture fair is well worth checking out.

For exhibitors

Attend domestic first-class level exhibition, can help oneself to broaden many sales channels.

Exhibitors can use this to expand their reputation, negotiate with customers, sell their products, this is the main; It can also cooperate with merchants upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, such as flour suppliers, paint suppliers, furniture production equipment enterprises and furniture manufacturers, so as to cooperate with each other. It's also a chance to see what other competitors are up to and learn from each other. Even if someone doesn't buy furniture, showing the brand can make an impression.

So, exhibitors can sell things, buy things, develop business sense, and get to know each other.

furniture suppliers

For designers

Furniture Exhibition is the feast of domestic home design.

These activities provide designers and furniture suppliers with opportunities to contact the public, help them to promote their products and seek business opportunities for cooperation. Many people feel that China does not have its own design, or the furniture is too copied, or not innovative enough, or too small, or not national flavor, or lack of material foundation. On the other hand, the first-class furniture exhibition can let everyone see the good local design of China and the inheritance of national culture, and bring inspiration and thinking to designers.

Perhaps these participating brands are not good enough, the grade is not high enough, but at least they show the vitality of Chinese design, attract more people's attention, encourage and inspire more designers, both exhibitors and visitors, for them, this is a rare opportunity to learn and exchange.

Generally speaking, is to broaden the horizon, long knowledge. Look at the booth layout, planning, atmosphere, display: domestic and foreign brands have their own characteristics, a hundred schools of thought, but also a good opportunity to improve the aesthetic level. Contact the forefront of home design trend, cultivate aesthetic, know well-known designers, design brands, find good goods. Focus on the power of Chinese original design.

In each furniture exhibition, e-commerce, mobile Internet, O2O combined with the furniture industry, to break through the communication limitations between enterprises, brands, designers and users; The development and operation of wechat, Weibo, Micro mall and e-commerce platform (PC/mobile) are all important manifestations of making use of the power of the Internet to expand and strengthen the furniture industry. As for the online and offline interaction during the exhibition, many exhibitors' furniture products are affixed with two-dimensional code, so you can enter the mobile mall by scanning the code to view product details and place orders. Many exhibitors have their own wechat, Weibo and Taobao stores and attach great importance to online platforms. In furniture exhibition, these can be seen and learned.


There are many forums, lectures and exchange meetings in the exhibition, which to some extent represents the development trend of the future furniture industry. For furniture practitioners, it also provides reference value for their own career development and company business development. Nowadays, "Furniture" exhibition has been extended from "furniture" to "everyone's home", reflecting the development potential of the industry.

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