Get along with others, be a little "sophisticate"

Adults have taught us since childhood to be kind to others, good people will have good results, but in society to understand that often those kind people, is a big loss.

Kindness has been a good virtue since ancient times, but your kindness, others may not pay.

No one who can struggle in society is stupid. If they are not smart, life will only keep crushing them and traumatizing them.

Kindness is a good thing, but too good is bad. Some people always take kindness as an excuse, doing harm to themselves and others.

There used to be popular lyrics on the Internet: "Society is simple, but people are complicated."

You get along with others, even if again familiar, will not let you fully understand him, the world is more duplicitous people, you think the feelings, perhaps in his eyes 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

Therefore, when dealing with others, you need to be a little bit "sophisticated", not only to protect yourself but also to protect those around you.

"Do not have the intention to harm others, but do not have the intention to prevent others."

The government is not asking you to harm others, but hope you can identify the interests around you.

In what kind of occasion to say what words, at what time to do what things, you should know how to listen to the words of others, do not reveal their chassis.

Some people always foolishly tell others about their family or their affairs, only to be told as if they were telling a joke, or to cause unnecessary trouble to a family member.

a867fa4e68eee7954bc77f6a7c862f5aTo know that kindness is not stupid, people need to help each other, but not everyone is worthy of help.

It's like whoever is holding the phone is on the right, so don't take sides until you know what's going on, and don't involve yourself in it.

Let you a little bit of sophisticate, is to hope that you will protect the good, with the help of others, do think twice.

People's hearts are sinister, some people are born in a complex environment, ideas must be different from normal people, your help is likely to become the springboard of the other party, so as to hurt others really is yourself.

"A leopard can't change its spots." Some people's thoughts are difficult to use ordinary people's eyes to examine, they are not grateful heart, not a bite back is good.

On the road of life, everyone is actually the object you should think about, you need to get along with them in the process, to find a standard answer.

Once a netizen said that he met an old woman on the way home from school. The old woman said that she could not find the toilet and hoped that the netizen would take her there. The netizen readily agreed, but the road went more and more wrong, but the netizen was alert and stopped in time.

She also saw a strange van in the distance, she said, and had she actually walked past it, the consequences would have been disastrous.

You see, kindness is not always rewarded, and may even bring you danger.

One careless act on your part could lead to disaster for your entire life, not to mention the desperation of your family.

Life is real, it is not as beautiful as depicted in fairy tale books. The most important thing to survive in society is to protect yourself. In fact, danger is always around us.

Heard very true words: "people are too honest, biological parents will pinch you three points."

The older generation always prefers smart children, thinking that they can provide for their old age, while those honest children, even if they do well, the older generation will despise and even suppress them everywhere.

The most ridiculous thing is that when they really need retirement, it is often the honest children who are responsible for it.

So say ah, the heart really can not bear to look at, see more will let a person feel that this earth is the real hell.

"Kindness needs an edge."

Pure kindness will only make you suffer grievances and doubt life.

Living in this world, we must always keep a clear head, do not let others take advantage of your kindness to get into the hole.

You need to look at everything sober, protect your good intentions, but also protect your life.

You have to work for yourself and your family without hurting anyone else. You have to work for a better life.

Life is only a few decades, all the good need you to fight for, all the regrets also need you to make up for.

There are a lot of people with evil intentions, and karma will come back to you. You just have to live your life. You know, there's nothing wrong with being selfish.

"The complexity of the human heart, more than the world's most complex math problems. math problems have a solution, but the heart has no solution."

The closer people are, the more likely they are to hurt you, so you need to be discreet no matter who you are with.

Being human is a problem that troubles all of us, and it takes a lifetime to figure it out.

But when you go out into the world with some sophisticates, you will find that it is much easier, like playing the game level fight monsters, you put on armor in advance to protect yourself.

There is no standard answer to everything in the world, but the only certainty is: be kind, but protect yourself.

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